What to wear for portraits

(engagement, maternity, family)


  • Wear clothes you’re comfortable in and that represents you. If you don’t normally wear a suit and tie, don’t wear that attire. Plus, if you’re uncomfortable, it will show in pictures.
  • Choose a color you want to POP! I recommend planning outfits around that color. You can use that pop of color as your scarf, shoes, or statement necklace.
  • I personally like wearing scarves – I picked my maternity pictures around the scarf color and weaved that color into my husband’s shirt
  • Wear colors that compliment each other, but don’t try to be too matchy matchy. I’d say to stick to the same color scheme (don’t mix bolds with pastels).
  • Avoid loud or busy patterns; Solids are usually the best – so focus is not stolen from your face
  • Very important: my photoshoots usually include walking on uneven ground with bricks/dirt – so please either wear shoes you’re okay walking in an bring an extra pair of shoes to walk in. I don’t want any broken ankles ladies.

Maternity Props


  • I recommend bringing keepsakes, items from the nursery, ultrasound photos, or booties just to make the picture unique to your growing family.


VI_Cannon_Newborn (9)

  • Preparing your home is important.
  • Do you have a good space heater? I mean, a really good one? This little baby has just spent the last 9 months tucked in a VERY warm place, so if you want those adorable naked baby pictures, then we’ll need to keep that little baby warm. This one element will literally make or break your newborn session. Let me know if you DO NOT have a space heater and I can bring one, but I prefer not to given everything else I bring.
  • FOR studio style portraits, I need at least 8 square feet of a hard, flat, smooth surface (e.g. hardwood floors, not carpet or bumpy tile) to set up on. I require that space is clear of furniture prior to my arrival.
  • If you’d like to have pictures taken in the nursery or your bedroom, please have those areas neat and clean before my arrival.

Portrait FAQs

  • We want to do outdoor photos. When should we schedule them?
    • Natural light photoshoots are always booked around sunrise and sunset (within the first few hours of sunrise and a couple of hours before sunset) so we have the best light


  • What do you think about outfit changes?
    • Go for it! In winter months, I recommend wearing a simple base layer, then change jackets, scarves, and accessories that way you have a few looks without a lot of effort.


  • How do I get my child to smile?
    • Some of the best portraits of children are taken when they are having fun. Let the be themselves and don’t try to force the smile.

VI_2015_Family Preview-3363

  • Should I bring props?
    • Of course! If you’ve been busy pinning on Pinterest and there’s a special look you’re wanting, then bring any props you want. Let’s chat first, because there may be items I have already.


Professional Headshots

SLEEP – Get plenty of rest the night before we take pictures

I prefer taking professional headshots in the morning, shortly after you’ve gotten ready for the day.

Consider your style – is your company culture button up or casual in dress. My recommendation is to dress aligned to what your corporate culture is and also include your style.



  • Jacket, button down dress shirt, tie (optional – if your culture is more casual, then don’t wear the tie)
  • Don’t wear a polo shirt
  • Button down shirts by themselves are not the best, wear a jacket on top- if you don’t have a jacket, then avoid just a white shirt.
  • Make sure clothes are neatly pressed
  • Stick to solids – avoid patterns, stripes, etc.


  • Wear a colored blouse darker than your skin tone
  • Stick to solids – avoid big prints and patterns
  • Keep jewelry simple for 2 reasons: First, the picture is about your face, not your jewelry and second, big fashionable jewelry will become dated
  • Make-up should be clean and natural, don’t overdo lipstick and shimmery make-up



  • Provide me with a “must have” shot list prior to the event date
  • Have an event timeline? Great… send it my way so I can be aware of the lineup
  • Assign a point of contact to help me identify the VIPs to be captured