CONGRATULATIONS on your new itty bitty! I love photographing newborns and want to help you prepare.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed trying to leave the house with a newborn in tow. I’ll never forget the time I forgot to bring an extra outfit in the diaper bag… You know what happens when ‘what could go wrong’ does ‘go wrong’… Yep, I was so embarrassed walking out of church with my sweet, naked baby! Whoops!

Anyhow, I’ve had a lot of moms ask me lately, “What do I bring to the newborn session?” Here are my suggestions on what to pack:

  1. Bottle or access to momma milk. Even though I recommend scheduling your session close to eating / napping time, baby may need to be topped off during the session… So, have the milk ready. Your session is 2 hours, so make sure you have enough.
  2. Pacifier. Sometimes babies need to be shushed back to sleep, and this helps.
  3. Diapers and wipes. I know you probably have that in your bag, but it never hurts to have extra. Boogie wipes are great for clearing out eye or nose boogies too
  4. Burp cloth. In case we need to top of during the session, we want to make sure we can clean baby after feeding.
  5. Aquaphor. If baby has dry of flaky skin… this will work wonders for the camera. Trust me.


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