Getting married just before the sunset is not only romantic but beautiful to witness. Danielle and Howard said their “I do’s” in an outdoor ceremony, just before the sun was setting.

A quick drizzle showed up to sprinkle some good luck on the couple, but they didn’t let that get in their way! Everything was absolutely perfect.

The wedding was at Heritage Sandy Springs, which offers a variety of amazing options if you are searching for a venue for your big day!

Danielle made sure to let me know the important shots for her, which is something I encourage everyone to do before saying I do! (5 Must-Dos Before the “I Dos”). Some of the shots on her list included one of her wedding dressing hanging, wedding rings, and a mother/daughter getting ready shot. All of those are so special and sentimental when documenting your wedding day.

Vendor Information:

The Dress: Stella York

The Hair: Rashane’

The Makeup: Jasmin Bean 

The Flowers: Faria Belson-May

The Cake: Publix

The Food: Plated Pleasures

The Entertainment: Dj Duecy


I am currently booking for 2019 weddings! Contact me today for availability.

Today is National Save Your Photos Day! Did you know there was such a thing? I am really glad there is, because as the years pass, those photos become the most important memories you can hang on to. Every year, thousands of photos are lost or damaged by natural disasters, fires, and other events. Let this year be a reminder to bring in the backup!

Save Your Photos Day was created to educate people on effective ways to organize, share, and protect their memories. The ways in which we are able to preserve our photos have changed, and definitely improved thanks to technology! Years ago, you would put everything in a weatherproof case or store in a safe, and then hope for the best. Now there are tons of great options to protect your photos!

Untitled design (66)

Here’s 6 ways to get started: 

1. Get organized
Whether they are digital copies or old Polaroids, get everything organized. Choose the photos you want to store. You may not want evidence of the freshman year toga party at the Kappa Sig house if your children will have access to these later on… Again, organize, you will thank yourself later. You may also want to set up a folder structure or naming convention to easily find your photos.

2. Digitize and scan throwbacks
Saving photos doesn’t just apply to your digital copies. Did you know you can digitize your old photos? It requires a little work on the back-end, but these memories are priceless. You can go about a few ways with your film negatives or even prints. Scanning is probably the easiest. Google offers a really awesome app that allows you to scan those old pictures, without the glare of that glossy finish!

3. Choose your cloud solution
Decide on the cloud storage you want to keep your photos on. Again, not just backing up on read/write CDs or on your local computer hard drive. Cloud solutions are important, because they are the most reliable in the event of a disaster.

There are several options that don’t charge money (but remember if you don’t pay for something with money, you’re potentially agreeing to giving rights to your images to the service provider).

Just know that there are still paid options are extremely reasonable! If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can have unlimited photo storage, and up to 5GB of video storage.

Here is a great article comparing some of the most common (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Flickr, Adobe are all listed!)

4. Manually back ’em up
Now that you’ve got everything set up and organized, its time to start the process of backing it all up! Take the time to create different folders so you can find what you are looking for when you need them!

5. Automatically back up phone pics
Here is another article that can guide you through backing up your phone pictures to the various cloud-based solutions.

6. Share with friends and family!
Another awesome part about using cloud storage is the ability to share your photos – that is the point of having them all, right? Give your loved ones a walk down memory lane with your newly organized pics.




Thanks for reading! If you are a client of mine, then you already know that I send you high-res digital copies for easy viewing and downloading. I hope you LOVE those photos and are backing up those precious photos!

All of these recent engagement sessions leave me feeling extra excited about the weddings which will follow!

I am loving the colors and vibe of Whitney and Andrew’s session! These two definitely brought plenty of love and a little magic to make these photos so beautiful.

They chose to do a garden session at Cator Woolford Gardens here in town, and I am so happy they did. It fit their style perfectly!

Whitney and Andrew are officially newlyweds and I cannot wait to share photos from their big day.

2019 is sneaking up fast! If you are looking to book your engagement session or wedding, contact me today. 

I love being able to meet amazing people through photography. I get to hear stories of how couples met and witness them saying “I do”.  I get to capture memories for growing families that they will treasure for years to come. Needless to say, I love what I do.


Among those amazing people I get to meet and work with, there are always some who really stand out. Stacy and Nick without a doubt fall into that category.


I’ve only known Stacy for a short time, but I was honored to be in the presence of such a kind and generous soul. She truly has a heart of gold. Nick is her perfect match, with his endless support and warm personality.


These two met back in high school, but it wasn’t until close to a decade later that they started dating! You would’ve thought these two were two young kids in love, the way they laughed and smiled throughout their entire session. Their bond and love for each other are undeniable.


Stacy and Nick’s engagement photos were taken at Piedmont Park. It was their first time to this legendary park, and I was so glad I was able to show them around while capturing amazing photos! They will be getting married at Lake Chatuge in 2019 and I am already pumped for the amazing views to be had from their mountain lake wedding.




Ready to book your engagement/wedding photographer for 2019? Contact me today! Be sure to check out my 5 Must Dos Before the “I Dos”, too!


You spend months planning your big day. From the venue, to the dress, to the flowers, to the food, and so on. Once it is all over, you may be left feeling a little sad (relieved, but sad). Luckily, you invested in a professional photographer to capture it all so you can relive those moments every single day!

These are my 5 MUST DOs after your “I DOs” regarding those cherished wedding photos!

1. DO back up your photos

  • Once your photos are delivered, make sure you get those puppies downloaded and backed up on the cloud. There are plenty of affordable cloud storage options for photos (Box, Dropbox, Amazon).
  • “Yeah, okay,” you may say, “I have them on my computer.” Guess what… computers crash. They do… so sad. Even USB drives have a life expectancy of around 10 years, and even that isn’t a guaranteed way to keep them!

2. DO print your photos by a reputable printer.

  • These aren’t just photos you took on an old disposable camera! These are the photos you invested good money in, with a professional! I spend quality time with each and every photo I provide my clients to consider the colors and details, resulting in amazing quality when printed in high quality. I partner with a professional printing lab to offer quality prints and products.
  • Remember cheap prints are not good and good prints are not cheap (you can insert “photography” for “prints” too). So please… don’t get them printed at a business whose core competency is convienence and pharmacy. Do I really need to explain why the option to buy a toothbrush and have 1-hour turnaround in the same place doesn’t provide the quality these photos deserve? Don’t be fooled into thinking you are saving a bunch of money on prints.
  • Recognizing there may be budget constraints, I do recommend

3. DO share your photos and give photo gifts.

  • From the minute your big day starts, people are anxiously awaiting to see photos. So share them! From a Facebook album to a digital album password-protected album I provide, you can quickly share your photos friends and family. This is also a great way to share the names of your vendors / photographer! (wink, wink)
  • Your parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws, and wedding party were all part of your special day… make their day special – trust me… they would love to have a framed photo from your wedding. has a lot of great photo gift options!

4. DO display them in your home.

  • This may seem obvious, but it can be really easy to put off framing your photos once you have the prints in hand. Get those beautiful photos up in your home! Maybe you want a gallery wall full or maybe just a few simple portraits. Whatever your style is, you will love seeing those happy memories every day. DISCLAIMER: Proper framing and matting of photos can make a big difference too, so shop around for a great deal if you are wanting to create a custom look with frames.


5. DO get books made.

  • There are so many great options out there when it comes to creating a custom wedding book that fits your style. This is such an important step to take with your wedding photos. I can walk through the steps with you and work with you to design create a beautiful heirloom wedding album. Envision pulling it out on your first wedding anniversary (gift is paper, how perfect)… and then each year on your anniversary after that to reminisce together. You will treasure this book for years to come.

Looking to book your 2019 Wedding? Contact me today! 


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Your big day is almost here. You’ve planned. You’ve stressed. You’ve planned some more. You’ve dreamed up how everything will play out in your head. Now you wait for it to all fall into place, right? Well, almost.

There is one more “to-do list” you need to tackle. Following these steps before your “I do’s” can help ensure things run smoothly on your wedding day and guarantee the most special moments are captured by your photographer.

Once you’ve finished these, it’s time to give yourself a little break! Giving yourself the chance to feel relaxed and refreshed will ultimately leave you looking and feeling your best on your wedding day! Trust me, everything will be just fine.

VI Free Session Email Graphic (1)

These are my 5 MUST DOs before your “I DOs” to ensure your big day goes as smooth as possible!

1. Decide on wedding traditions

Decide what traditions you’ll include… first look, bouquet toss, your entire family doing the chicken dance in feathered boas – whatever it may be! Then incorporate those traditions in your draft timeline for the entire wedding day.

2. Meet with your wedding photographer

It’s important to review your wedding day timeline with your photographer. And, if you have flexibility, get input from your photographer on where and when to take portraits. Having the time before the wedding will allow your to get any professional feedback from your photographer, as well as allow them to be 100% prepared for your expectations on your wedding day.

3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate group shot times

You’ve probably already made a list of who you want to be in photos… So you should tell them you want them in formal group shots and, more importantly, what time they should be there. Remember that timeline from above? Share the plan with everyone involved! We typically move fast on wedding days, and after Bride and Groom portraits, that’s when group portraits start. Consider assigning someone to help corral people for pictures and tell them to arrive 10 minutes earlier than planned to account for Uncle Bob who is notoriously late. This will help keep everything moving smoothly and prevent a lot of unnecessary miscommunication.

4. Choose your  other “must have” photos

Make “must have” photo list of any details you want to capture… wedding invitations, Programs, family heirlooms. Make that list and add it to your group shot list for your photographer. Something to consider: Your wedding day goes by so fast and those sweet details that you spent months planning should be remembered. Take your time creating this list, give it a little thought.

5. Relax 

Your big day will be here before you know it! While it’s natural to stress about the last minute little things, remember this: you’ve chosen a team of professionals to take care of everything on your wedding day. With that, take a deep breath. Go ahead, take a deep breath and know everything will work out as it should. Bonus: your photography team is seasoned, especially when it comes to wedding day chaos.

Once you have done your part by taking the steps above, you and truly RELAX! You’ve made it this far, so pat yourself on the back and get ready to have the best day EVER! Stay tuned for more tips next week for after you’ve said: “I do!”

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VI Free Session Email Graphic

That’s right! I am giving away a FREE session! August is my birthday month, and to celebrate, I wanted to get GIVE YOU a chance to win a free session by getting you involved!

All you need to know to enter: 

  1. Send me your favorite VI Photography photo from this last year! If you had multiple sessions, send one from each session. Email by 9/30/18.
  2. Photos will be posted on the VI Photography Facebook Page on 10/1/18. Be sure to keep an eye out for the album, tag yourself, and share!
  3. Winner will be chosen based on the photo with the most likes by 11/1/18. Winning prize includes a FREE mini session and a print of their choice! The top likes will also be featured on VI Photography 2019 business cards!

It’s that easy! This past year has been so much fun and I appreciate the opportunity of working with you. I look forward to seeing all of your entries!

Here are a couple of sneak peak entries I’ve already received!

Are you thinking about booking for 2019? It’s never too early! Contact me today!

I have been so excited to share this family’s session. Amanda and I met through a mutual friend more than eight years ago. As soon as I found out she was a hair stylist, I, of course, wanted to have her as my hair stylist! We are friends on Facebook, where I was able to see the beautiful house projects Amanda would often post about. Her Pinterest boards are filled with amazing ideas.

To say the very least, as a photographer, I love doing lifestyle sessions, and I’ve been dying to do one at her home. There is something so special about a lifestyle session. It captures the chaos and beauty of real life. I love the idea of clients looking at back those photos years later and being able to remember how everything looked for that short moment in time.

I could not stop complimenting Amanda and her home, with all of the unique accents and perfectly cared for details. Her response was wonderful, stating, “it’s a labor of love.” Which is true in all aspects of making a house a home, right?

We had a great time doing their session. Mama got on the floor with the kids to play, we did photos in both of the kids’ bedrooms.

We ended the morning with intimate but relaxed shots in the living room. Her son showed off his superhero skills by flying through the living room for me — the shots captured from that moment crack me up every time I see them!


I couldn’t resist sneaking in a few 1-year photos of her daughter in her sweet little tent she had curated outside. Seriously, a photographer’s dream to photograph this family in their beautiful home!

Lela and Chris’ engagement session was filled with so many photography wins. To start, these two were so great to work with. They were comfortable with each other in front of the camera and helped keep everything relaxed.

Pro Tip: When couples are engaged in conversation, it allows for real emotions to be caught. It also allows for those nerves to settle a bit if you are camera shy!

Location is important and I am always looking for somewhere unique. Downtown Roswell and the historic shop windows created the most perfect yet subtle backdrop for these photos.

I have mentioned the importance of lighting before and this session is a prime example of why I love that golden hour (1 hour before sunset). There’s no worry of odd shadows or squinty eyes, just soft light and a natural glow. Simply perfect.

Lela and Chris brought their sweet fur baby, Shepard, to join in on a few photos as well!

Pro Tip: Any couple thinking of bringing their fur baby along should take note from these two. Chris’ mom came along to watch Shepard while they finished up their session. Makes things easier for everyone involved!

It was a pleasure working with Lela and Chris! I am excited about their wedding this Fall at Primerose Cottage. Check back for highlights of their big day!


Alli, who is a close and dear friend of mine, started the non-profit, Shaking Hands, to raise awareness that HIV is not limited to the demographics typically associated with HIV. In 2015, someone very close to her suddenly lost his life due to complications around an undiagnosed case of HIV.

If you have been following the blog for a while, you may remember a feature of Chris and Alli from a few years ago. I wanted to share that happy memory here.

His name was Chris. He was a 35-year-old, fun-loving, athletic, heterosexual, drug-free, white male. He was also a friend of mine. It was shocking to find out Chris was infected with HIV. It was more devastating to know that his life could have been saved, had he known his status earlier.

Alli founded Shaking Hands [with HIV] to start the conversation, so that people can anonymously get tested. Shaking Hands provides anonymous, at home HIV tests, free of charge to those who want to know their status. If they do find out they are infected, they can then start the journey to learn more about the life-saving drug treatments available to them, with support along the way.

When Alli asked me to capture moments from the Shaking Hands launch party, I of course agreed. These are some of my favorite photos from the launch party that I felt so privileged and humbled to be part of.

To help raise money at the event, there was a raffle with tons of great items, such as Atlanta United tickets, various restaurant gift cards, gift baskets and more.

Everyone had a great time coming out to support Alli and Shaking Hands.

Please visit to learn more and to donate.

This week’s featured wedding has a little bit of a different story and definitely all of the nostalgic feels. Before I share the details of Caroline and Eric’s beautiful wedding day, I want to share the connection I have to this amazing couple.


I know Eric from the good ole high school days, where he was a football player and I was a cheerleader. If you know much about high school football traditions, you may be familiar with decorating lockers for each player, and I was the one who decorated Eric’s locker each week before he played under the Friday Night Lights (I’ve include a couple of great throwback photos as well at the end of the blog for you to enjoy!) As you can imagine, I was so flattered when Eric and Caroline reached out to me to photograph their wedding.


Caroline and Eric had so much thought and meaning behind every detail of their wedding. Caroline’s grandmother, who sadly passed away before the wedding, was a lover of golf, and both Caroline and Eric used to attend the Master’s with her tickets. It only seemed right to host their wedding day on the same weekend as the Master’s as tribute, with a small and subtle golf theme throughout.


We were able to capture all of the outdoor couple and wedding party ahead of the ceremony.  (Pro tip – Discuss photo locations, outdoors or in the church ahead of time. This way you can make recommendations. Eric and Caroline wanted garden photos, given the timeline, I knew we needed to have those done before the ceremony because the sun would have already been setting before we go back to the reception!)





The reception took place at the Country Club of the South, which is known of it’s stunning floor to ceiling windows and of course, beautiful golf course!






Again, it was such an honor to be asked to photograph the wedding of Eric and Caroline. I enjoyed a quick trip down memory lane and look forward to watching them create new memories as they live their happily ever after!


Here are the throwback photos I promised. Eric was number 10, and you can see the number 10 on my cheek!


There’s nothing quite as magical as a wedding, although photographing a newborn is a close second. I had the extreme pleasure of photographing baby Cainan. Why do I mention weddings? It’s because Cainan’s parents, Kayla and Cam, chose VI Photography to capture their wedding last year at Chateau Elan!

It’s so fantastic when clients call me back into their life to continue documenting their families as they grow!

You know I love to give you some insight into my technique, so here’s a tip! Typically, I photograph newborns in my home studio with a solid lighting setup, but on occasion I travel to my client’s homes.

Cainan isn’t an only child, there with the new one is an older half-sister, Alex. Cainan is the first child born from the marriage of Kayla and Cam but there’s definitely love enough to share between everyone!

If you have natural light, let’s use it for lifestyle portrait sessions. It’s almost always a better bet for great color and bright results.This particular situation, was perfect. Everything culminated into a solid newborn shoot that I’m proud of and I hope the family looks back on as baby Cainan grows!

We’re back into the heat of wedding season and I couldn’t be happier! Today I’m blogging about Allie and Alex. They started as college sweethearts and have since tied the knot on one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen this year!


As the special day began, Allie took it upon herself to do her own makeup and she did phenomenally! She was so beautiful and the make up so stunning it looked professionally done. Alex had to wait as they wanted to see each other first at the ceremony and make the moment truly memorable.


Their ceremony included a “Unity Cross” whereby an outer frame of a cross embodies the strength and leadership of Alex. The inner form embodies the beauty and intricacies of Allie. The center is placed into the frame and Allie, Alex, and the officiant put in small pegs into the left, top and right parts of the frame which solidify the interlocking nation of the outside and inside. Each peg represents either the Father, Son or Holy Spirit and show the combined nature of this union.

The ceremony itself was breathtaking and the location was a beautiful and solid choice; really enabling every guest to feel the meaning of the marriage and unity. Everything about this day made it all the more important that it be photographed for years to come. I had such an awesome time and thoroughly enjoyed documenting this wedding!

Wedding  Dress Designer:  Jacqueline exclusive from Encore  formals and bridal
Suit  / Tux  Designer:  Vera Wang
Hair  Stylist:  Aveda Salon
Makeup Artist:  Bride
Florist:  Susan Guthrie  (aunt)
Cake:  Carriage  House Catering
Caterer:  Carriage House Catering

Nothing makes a wedding as enjoyable as a great theme that’s carried throughout; Sarah and Tim didn’t skimp on the theme and design one bit. “Books,” as the theme, abound throughout including centerpieces and accessories for the couple! They were married at Ogletree Estates in Cornelia, Georgia on the front steps while the guests had a fantastic seat in the main yard.

Sarah came down the aisle having not yet seen her husband-to-be making the ceremony moment just that much more emotional under the beautiful veil first shown at her grandmother’s own wedding; adding an antique touch only an heirloom can.

You may notice that Sarah didn’t carry a traditional floral bouquet, she instead made her bouquet and Tim’s boutonniere out of pages from the Harry Potter book series. She even carried the theme to her earrings which were also passages from the series! An incredible attention to detail that made the entire wedding a journey into literature and a visual representation of all the books the couple has enjoyed throughout their time together.  

It was a blast for all the guests, if only for the great dose of pop-culture the bride and groom added to their special day. Truly, a wedding I will remember for the artistry and initiative.












Are you ready to book your 2019 wedding photographer? Contact me today to discuss the details!

Misty and Mike got married on the April 21st of 2018 at West Milford Farm and it was such a spectacular wedding. A beautiful and rustic setting for an incredible day that made for a great balance of classy elegance and country aesthetic that really embodied the couple.

There was a focus on floral was throughout (including the three-tier cake!) and pushed the wedding just that little bit more to feel truly natural and authentic. I had a lovely time collecting together all the memories of this beautiful couple’s happy day.

Have a look at some of the images from the day that I thought were spot on for capturing the day!

Misty left me the sweetest review below. She was one of the most organized brides I’ve ever worked with and I really loved working with her!

  • Location: West Milford Farm
  • Hair Stylist: Caroline Whitt Mersberger
  • Makeup Artist: Staci Gibbs
  • Florist: Tracy Ruggiero Pierce
  • Cake / Bakery: Donut Depot
  • Caterer: ‘Cue BBQ – Drew Litras
  • Band / DJ / Musician: Ray Mitchell – DJ Ray’s Entertainment


To celebrate the first day of summer, we’re announcing that for the first time, VI Photography will be offering SUMMER Mini Sessions. This will be held on one day in August – and only for one day – so stay tuned for the date!

Speaking of summer sessions, check out this throwback session from last year of Jessica and her family! They did such a great job of coordinating their outfits with their color scheme – blue, teal and tan (not to mention those beautiful beach tans.) I love the way Jessica incorporated both colors for her son’s shirt. I couldn’t have picked better outfits.

Their outfits also compliment the gorgeous scenery at Vickery Creek Trail. Its beautiful trees, creek, and waterfall in the background made for some great pictures, and a great place to stay cool and comfortable during a summer session!



Inspired to do a summer session yet? Then this summer may be your perfect opportunity! Mini sessions are only offered a couple times each year, and they’re first come, first serve! Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for an announcement with all of the official details (coming soon!)

Throwing it back to March when I had my first wedding session of 2018! I could not have asked for a better way to kick off wedding season. Debbie and Stephen decided to get married at the Georgia Aquarium, which was definitely the most challenging lighting scenario I’ve faced when photographing a wedding — but the pictures turned out GREAT. The challenge was so worth it for a scenic background that felt like a fantasy.

The ceremony and formal portraits took place in front of the whale sharks, and the reception was held in the Baluga room. The sights were impressive to say the least!

Since the mother of the bride had sadly passed away, they dedicated a special tribute to her. They placed a sign that read “Reserved for the Mother of the Bride” in a chair, as a sweet way to honor her memory.

Debbie and her father, Tim enjoyed their Father-Daughter dance, and everyone made some lasting memories!

Stephen was working out of town in the months leading up to the wedding, and Debbie did a wonderful job handling the final wedding preparations! Although the schedule was thrown off a bit, everything worked out beautifully. (Pro tip: playing the game “Heads Up” is a great way to stay calm and carry on if things aren’t going according to plan!)


Congratulations, Stephen and Debbie! Your wedding was such a fun, memorable and unique opportunity to capture an “underwater” adventure!



Hair and makeup: Brushworx

Florist: On Occasions of Atlanta

Cake: The Cake Hag

Caterer: Wolfgang Puck

DJ: Party Time Productions

Meet Paul and Christina! We first met in person when we did their engagement session a few months back. We were originally scheduled on a different day, but Mother Nature had her plan… and we were rained out. Luckily, time was on our side and when we rescheduled, the weather was perfect for shots.

We even got a GREAT photo of them and their 6-year-old son smiling:-)

Fast forward to Saturday, June 2. Christina and Paul wed in the chapel of their home church, McEachern Methodist. Christina looked stunning in her Oleg Cassini wedding dress and Paul looked so handsome in his Military Blues. Pause… Paul, THANK YOU for your service!

They didn’t see each other before the ceremony, so we got to take some beautiful shots of them just after two became one!

Sunflower accents were perfectly positioned on their wedding invitation, bride’s bouquet, and wedding cake!

The beautiful desert reception was held at The Event Station, just down the road. It was perfect. Paul even had me tearing up during his welcome speech!

Congratulations you two! I’m so very happy for you. You two truly are the perfect blend!

Pat had been planning to ask Lindsay to marry him for a while. They’ve been together for years, so he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity. That opportunity happened to be during a Georgia snowstorm! The power went out, and Pat took Lindsay into the snow, dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him. Of course, she said, “YES!”

I have a special connection with Lindsay, because I’ve known her since she was a little girl. I was classmates with her older brother, Bobby, from 4th grade through college. So, I got the chance to watch her grow into the beautiful woman and bride-to-be that she is now! To make it even more special, they plan on getting married shortly after Valentine’s Day next year at the same venue my husband and I were married. The Primrose Cottage in Historic Downtown Roswell is a great choice, in my opinion!

I’m so excited for the both of you! Thank you for asking me to capture your engagement photos at Marietta Square!



Kellie and Jay’s beautiful wedding took place at their home. Wow, what a venue! Their neutral color palette paired so well with the vibrant greenery and gorgeous waterfall. Their focus was on celebrating their “forever” with each other and close loved ones, so they kept the ceremony private to family and the bridal party. I am so honored to have been a part of this day!

Their wedding cake was made by Confection Perfection, caterer was Morsels by Melissa, and the band was The Grapevine!

Congratulations, Kellie and Jay! Thank you for asking me to capture your memories as you embark on your forever!


CONGRATULATIONS on your new itty bitty! I love photographing newborns and want to help you prepare.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed trying to leave the house with a newborn in tow. I’ll never forget the time I forgot to bring an extra outfit in the diaper bag… You know what happens when ‘what could go wrong’ does ‘go wrong’… Yep, I was so embarrassed walking out of church with my sweet, naked baby! Whoops!

Anyhow, I’ve had a lot of moms ask me lately, “What do I bring to the newborn session?” Here are my suggestions on what to pack:

  1. Bottle or access to momma milk. Even though I recommend scheduling your session close to eating / napping time, baby may need to be topped off during the session… So, have the milk ready. Your session is 2 hours, so make sure you have enough.
  2. Pacifier. Sometimes babies need to be shushed back to sleep, and this helps.
  3. Diapers and wipes. I know you probably have that in your bag, but it never hurts to have extra. Boogie wipes are great for clearing out eye or nose boogies too
  4. Burp cloth. In case we need to top of during the session, we want to make sure we can clean baby after feeding.
  5. Aquaphor. If baby has dry of flaky skin… this will work wonders for the camera. Trust me.


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Dear New Momma,

You did it! You are a MOM! Whether you carried this baby with you for the last 9 months OR have just adopted your child… I say, “congrats!” The first few weeks with your newborn are tough, no doubt. I’ve been there (twice). For me and my husband, we were just trying to survive at the hospital and within the first few weeks.


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Twelfth Annual Best of Weddings Awards, From the #1 Wedding Planning Website, Honor the Top Wedding Vendors Across America

VI Photography is pleased to announce their selection as a 2018 ­­winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests on The Knot, the leading online wedding brand and app.

In 2018, only 3% of the approximately 300,000 local wedding professionals listed on have received this distinguished accolade. In its twelfth annual year, The Knot continues its longstanding tradition of supporting local wedding vendors with The Knot Best of Weddings 2018, an annual by-couples, for-couples guide to the top wedding professionals across the country. To determine the winners, The Knot assessed almost 3.6 million reviews across the various vendor categories—venues, musicians, florists, photographers, caterers and more. These winners represent the best of the best wedding professionals that a bride or groom would want to consider booking for their own unique wedding.

As the number one online wedding brand and app, The Knot has inspired approximately 25 million couples to plan a wedding that’s uniquely theirs. With a rich history of providing quality content and inspiration, The Knot is making it easier for couples to connect with and book just the right wedding professionals to create their perfect wedding day. Eight out of 10 couples come to The Knot where they can be connected to any of the approximately 300,000 local wedding professionals across the country. The Knot marries great technology with trusted content–and a little love–to make planning for the most important day of a person’s life easier and more enjoyable.

Thank you to our clients who helped us achieve this honor. Your very kind words and positive reviews helped land us on this list and we are very grateful to you!

VI Photography Featured on Voyage ATL


Today we’d like to introduce you to Victoria Inman.

Victoria, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

I began studying photography when I was a high school student. I mostly enjoyed still photography and composition. I was fortunate enough to learn how to develop my photographs from a film in a dark room. I stepped away from photography while in college and in my mid-twenties, began photography again. I first started off by taking some classes, and taking stills again. This was truly a hobby I took back up to keep my creative mind going, while working in the corporate world.

Soon, I was approached to take photos for friends and family. That’s when my love of photographing people really began. I quickly began gravitating to, and specializing in, wedding and newborn photography. However, anytime I have the ability to interact with people, I welcome the opportunity.

Photography is more about taking photos, it’s about the story behind my subjects in the images. My goal is for my photographs to tell a story.

On a personal note, I decided to start my business as a side hustle. My husband and I became debt-free before we got married. To maintain the debt-free life, my photography income helps. I still work full time in management and IT consulting for Jabian Consulting. My photography business is a creative outlet that allows me to give the gift of moments captured to my clients, while providing supplemental income for our family.

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Kevin and Mallory have known each other for years. This romance started as your typical “guy meets girl… guy falls for girl… girl puts guy in the friend zone… for years… until she realizes he is perfect for her” story! The two finally got together and on April 2, 2016, Kevin took Mallory to Piedmont park for a picnic. He proposed and the rest is history.

Today, we ventured out to Piedmont Park to take photos at the same place Mallory said, “YES” back in April. Congrats you two! I’m so thankful to call you my friends and to capture this time in your life!





I’ve known Matt and Shannon for years! They are an awesome couple and so fun to be around! I had the chance to capture newborn photos of their little boy, Lyndon. Here are some of my favorites from our little session. Welcome little Lyndon!


I had the privilege to photograph the 2016 Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta’s Rising Star event this weekend. The event was hosted by Matt Ryan, quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, and his amazing wife, Sarah – who has been volunteering several days a week in the clubs for the past 7+ years!

The event was held at Atlanta’s new Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum. Honorees heard from an executive from LexisNexis, Stephanie Blank, and Matt Ryan.

One of the best parts of photographing events, is getting to take part as an audience member. An inspiring message I walked away from this weekend was Matt’s response to one of the Youth of the Year Honoree’s question around bullying. Matt was asked how he overcomes the challenge of negative speak (tv, fans, social media, etc.) when he had a bad game. What advice can you give kids who are being bullied overcome that challenge. His response was something his wife, Sara, taught him. A ship doesn’t sink because of the water that comes into the boat. It sinks because of holes in the boat. You have to build a tough exterior and realize the water coming in (negative speak) means nothing…


Here are some photos from the event.

bgcma 1

Special thanks to Lauren Race at the Boys & Girls Club for asking me to capture these moments… and photo credit to Lauren for taking this last image:-)

I’ve known Tracee since we were in college at the University of Georgia. We interned together doing advertising sales one summer and I still remember that being one of the best summers of my life! Tracee and I continued our friendship after college and when she met Kevin, I was so thrilled. I just knew he would be the one she would marry… fast forward, they did get married and now are expecting their first baby! Here are some of the favorites from their maternity session.

Photos taken at the Historic Roswell Mill in July.


Hurley Maternity



One of my best friends is a photographer in North Carolina and she asked if I would help her photograph a wedding in the Highlands, North Carolina. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend time with her, and also have fun photographing what was a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Mallory and Ben. Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!

And thank you Erica for such a fun experience! (















VI.Wedding-6535 VI.Wedding-6466-2

Alli and Chris made took a big step in their relationship and have decided to move in together. Before they moved everything into their apartment, I got to take pictures of them in their new home. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!

VI-AlliWoody-5163 VI-AlliWoody-5428 VI-AlliWoody-5444 VI-AlliWoody-5340 VI-AlliWoody-5474 VI-AlliWoody-5235 VI-AlliWoody-5257 VI-AlliWoody-5265 VI-AlliWoody-5277 VI-AlliWoody-5195 VI-AlliWoody-5394 VI-AlliWoody-5252 VI-AlliWoody-5176



Kat and Dick got married on 6/14 at 6:14 PM at Silver City Farms in North Georgia. We had such a great time photographing their wedding. Thank you two for letting us be part of your special day and letting us capture some unforgettable moments! The pictures below… in no particular order… are some of my favorites. Enjoy!































This month has been perfect to do family photos. Not only has the weather been nice, but the changing leaf colors make a great backdrop. Keely asked me to do some family photos and we decided to go to the Paper Mill Ruins at Sope Creek. Meet the Funkhousers and enjoy some of my favorites!







On Saturday, October 5th, Melissa and Jon got married at the Crescent Farm Rock Barn in Canton, Georgia. They were surrounded by friends and family all wishing them the best in their marriage and in their move to Germany in a few short days! Thank you Melissa and Jon for letting me capture moments from your day! Enjoy a few of my favorites!













w-GlennSneakPeek-52        w-GlennSneakPeek-47  w-GlennSneakPeek-48

The day FINALLY CAME… and I had the honor of photographing it! A great friend of mine proposed to the most perfect girl. Adam and Jillian were taking a walk like they normally do, but this one was truly one they would both remember forever. As they were walking through Lenox Park, they stopped to take a look at the lake. Jillian didn’t know it yet, but Adam was about to ask her the most important question of her life. Of course she said yes!

Congratulations Adam & Jillian! I am so incredibly happy for you both!

Adam+Jillian Proposal

I had the honor of photographing the Steele-Barron wedding on Cinco De Mayo! It was such a fun experience, and BIG thanks goes out to Erica for referring me, Trent for coaching me, Rebecca for trusting me and Brian for helping me! Location: King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are several of my favorites from my FIRST Wedding job. Enjoy!!!

Barron Wedding (1)

Barron Wedding (6)

Barron Wedding (7)

Barron Wedding (18)

Barron Wedding (23)

Barron Wedding (24)

Barron Wedding (25)

Barron Wedding (28)