There’s nothing quite as magical as a wedding, although photographing a newborn is a close second. I had the extreme pleasure of photographing baby Cainan. Why do I mention weddings? It’s because Cainan’s parents, Kayla and Cam, chose VI Photography to capture their wedding last year at Chateau Elan!

It’s so fantastic when clients call me back into their life to continue documenting their families as they grow!

You know I love to give you some insight into my technique, so here’s a tip! Typically, I photograph newborns in my home studio with a solid lighting setup, but on occasion I travel to my client’s homes.

Cainan isn’t an only child, there with the new one is an older half-sister, Alex. Cainan is the first child born from the marriage of Kayla and Cam but there’s definitely love enough to share between everyone!

If you have natural light, let’s use it for lifestyle portrait sessions. It’s almost always a better bet for great color and bright results.This particular situation, was perfect. Everything culminated into a solid newborn shoot that I’m proud of and I hope the family looks back on as baby Cainan grows!