We’re back into the heat of wedding season and I couldn’t be happier! Today I’m blogging about Allie and Alex. They started as college sweethearts and have since tied the knot on one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen this year!


As the special day began, Allie took it upon herself to do her own makeup and she did phenomenally! She was so beautiful and the make up so stunning it looked professionally done. Alex had to wait as they wanted to see each other first at the ceremony and make the moment truly memorable.


Their ceremony included a “Unity Cross” whereby an outer frame of a cross embodies the strength and leadership of Alex. The inner form embodies the beauty and intricacies of Allie. The center is placed into the frame and Allie, Alex, and the officiant put in small pegs into the left, top and right parts of the frame which solidify the interlocking nation of the outside and inside. Each peg represents either the Father, Son or Holy Spirit and show the combined nature of this union.

The ceremony itself was breathtaking and the location was a beautiful and solid choice; really enabling every guest to feel the meaning of the marriage and unity. Everything about this day made it all the more important that it be photographed for years to come. I had such an awesome time and thoroughly enjoyed documenting this wedding!

Wedding  Dress Designer:  Jacqueline exclusive from Encore  formals and bridal
Suit  / Tux  Designer:  Vera Wang
Hair  Stylist:  Aveda Salon
Makeup Artist:  Bride
Florist:  Susan Guthrie  (aunt)
Cake:  Carriage  House Catering
Caterer:  Carriage House Catering