Dear New Momma,

You did it! You are a MOM! Whether you carried this baby with you for the last 9 months OR have just adopted your child… I say, “congrats!” The first few weeks with your newborn are tough, no doubt. I’ve been there (twice). For me and my husband, we were just trying to survive at the hospital and within the first few weeks.


You have so much going on caring for your new little life: new routine, feeling exhausted, stressed, tired, sore, getting easily irritated, did I mention being sleepy? For me, I made things worse by being super tough on myself… why didn’t my tummy didn’t bounce back in 2.5 seconds giving birth… I wasn’t prepared for the body image issues that came with post-pregnancy.

  • First thing I want to say is this… read carefully. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. You’ve been through a LOT in the last year and your world just changed dramatically. And even though a lot of the things I mentioned above are stressful, those stresses pale in comparison to the amazing LOVE you have for this child. Although the relationship you have with your baby the first few months are more of a give than receive, hang in there… around the 3-month mark, your baby will start to consistently smile at you and your heart will melt!

Okay… okay… but NOW you’re in the thick of newborn madness. And then there’s the whole “getting newborn photos done”. Ugh, another thing to worry about.

  • Well, the second thing is DON’T WORRY. You’re in good hands with me as your newborn photographer. I LOVE NEWBORNS! You don’t have to worry about a thing – unless you’re a worrier and it comforts you to worry. On a fun note, I have a variety of clothes, hats, newborn wraps, backdrops, and other props, and proper equipment to create your baby’s newborn portraits. On a serious note, I have formal training and a ton of experience photographing newborns, keeping your baby’s safety my number one priority.

So, when newborn photos are done, and you go back to raising this baby… you probably already know you’re strength, patience, and mental state will be tested. My advice is to take one day at a time. And to quote a sweet client of mine, Riley Couture pictured above, say these words to your sweet new baby early and often, “We Got This!

Smile momma, you rock!