Josh and Kylie are from Anderson, Indiana. They have been talking about marriage for a while now, but on a Tuesday morning, Josh woke Kylie up at 5 a.m. letting her know that her poor friend Bunburry – at the Georgia Aquarium – was sick (it’s a reference to the play Importance of Being Earnest in which the code for ‘shirking responsibility to go play’ is ‘my poor friend Bunburry is sick.’)  They jumped on a plane at 8 a.m. and were in Atlanta within two hours.

Kylie’s favorite animal of all time has always been the buluga whale.  So, they drove over to the aquarium were we enjoyed the interactive beluga whale exhibit. Shortly after, they drove to Piedmont park.  After walking around for a while, Josh found the perfect spot to pop the question. He pulled out a cd player – in a similar way he had done on the night of their first kiss. After dancing for a little while, Josh got down on one knew and popped the question.  Kylie cried and said yes of course!

Here’s a twist, I was at Piedmont Park doing a photo shoot for a friend. We saw all of the excitement, captured the moment and now Josh and Kylie have pictures of one of the most amazing moments in their lives!